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Hybrid Attendance
Management System

Anywhere Anytime For Hybrid Workforce, Ensuring Zero Proxy, Know Its Your Team Only (Facial Recognition In Office & In App), Know Where Your People Are (Geo Tagging). Direct Integration With Payroll Time, Leave & Shift Management.

Anywhere Anytime For Hybrid Workforce Ensuring Zero Proxy
Know Its Your Team Only (Facial Recognition) In Office & In App
Know Where Your People Are (Geo Tagging)
Direct Integration With Payroll
Regularization On The Go
Time, Leave & Shift Management
Manage Your Team Score


AMS Assets
Management System

Idoraa AMS Is A Robust Inventory Management System Having Vast Capabilities To Handle End To End Inventory Management, Store Management, Auditing And Compliances Of IT And Non IT Assets. Also It Has Enrich Feature To Manage Software Assets And Contract Management.

Support Multi-Locations, Multi Campus, Multi Blocks Etc
Complete Inventory Life-Cycle Management
Auditing (Off-Line / On-Line)
Compliance Management
Asset Discovery
Asset Tracking With QR, RFID Technologies


Management System

Idoraa - Visitor Management System Is A Robust Solution Designed To Streamline And Enhance The Process Of Managing Visitors Entering And Exiting A Facility Or Premises. It Offers A Digital Alternative To Traditional Visitor Logbooks And Manual Registration Methods. The System Helps Improve Security, Enhance Visitor Experience, And Simplify Administrative Tasks Associated With Visitor Management.

Support Multi-Locations, Multi Campus
Pre-Registration / Approval And Seamless Check-In
Pre Booking Of Ancillary Services By Visitor
Visitor Badges And Access Control
Real-Time Monitoring And Alerts To Visitor, Host And Security Person
Enhanced Security And Compliance
Evacuation Management
Data Privacy And Compliance

Corporate Travel

Management System

Idoraa can help you optimize travel-related expenses, improve employee satisfaction and safety, and enhance overall operational efficiency. It plays a crucial role in managing one of a company's significant discretionary expenses while ensuring that employees can conduct business effectively and efficiently while on the road.

Anywhere anytime seamless Travel Booking Experience
Customized workflows for authorization
Settle claim on the go
Direct Integration with Payroll Enhance employee experience
Request-Approval-Bookings-Claim at one place
Manage Travel Policy
Expense Management
Reporting and Analytics


Management System

Idoraa-Café is a F&B Management platform, Focus on streamlining, digitizing the F&B Experience For Customers, Corporate Employees, Food Vendors And Corporates. Help Food Partner To Accelerate Their Growth In Controlled Environment. Industries where it fit in are, Educational institutions, Corporate offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants and other similar organisations. Below are the key features in Idoraa Café:

Streamlined Operations
Improved Order Accuracy
Efficient Inventory Management
Enhanced Customer Experience
Time and Cost Savings
Improved Financial Management
Personalization and Special Dietary Requirements:
Data Analysis and Insights
"Smart Solutions for a Better Tomorrow"

Unified Platform To Manager Entire Employee Life Cycle Hire To Retire.

Seamless Booking Experience With Built-In Workflows & Exceptions

1 Man Day Saving Every Month For All Managers

Eliminate Proxy

Punching & 0% Error Rate

Safety & Hygiene

Facilitate Employee Safety & Hygiene

Greater Efficiency 100% Autonomy, And Empower Employees To Reach Greater Efficiency

Simplified The Day-To-Day Transnational Aspects Of HR Management & All Other Functions

Improve Brand Image Employees & Visitors Feel Valued Which Helps To Improve Brand Image

Manage Hybrid Workforce You Can Track Employees & Their Productivity

Anywhere Anytime For Hybrid Workforce Ensuring
Zero Proxyknow Its Your Team Only (Facial
Recognition In Office & In App),Know Where Your People Are (Geo Tagging).Direct Integration With
Payroll Time, Leave & Shift Management.

Robust Architecture

Vulnerability Scan every Quarter

Encryption keys used for Data Masking

AI & Camera Basesd Attendance

Globally recognized, standards-based approach  (ISO 27001)

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